Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sermon: The Very Revd Fr Simon Aiken, Dean of Kimberley (with images mainly from the Easter Monday Ordination and Chrism Mass)

The Dean Writes… (Easter Day)
     Firstly, a very warm welcome to our Cathedral worship on Easter Day. Easter is sometimes referred to as the Queen of Feasts and certainly there has been a lot of activity to make our observance of Holy Week and Easter truly regal.
     Our journey began with beautifully made palm crosses - thank you to the Confirmation Candidates and their facilitators who made them - and a magnificently decorated Cathedral. Everywhere we looked were huge palm branches (I counted over seventy) that really made a statement that this was Palm Sunday. Thank you to the senior servers who laboured long and hard to make that happen.
     We have journeyed quietly through the beginning of Holy Week at the Eucharist - thank you to our assistant clergy who have faithfully ministered at the Altar. Thank you to those who were willing to have their feet washed and impress upon us our ministry of service. Also to those who read prayers on Good Friday witnessing to the Intercessions being the 'Prayers of the People'.
     Thank you to those who made preparations for new fire to be kindled in the darkness of the night of Easter Eve and the celebration Holy Baptism.
     We are grateful to Sacristans and flower arrangers for a week full of activity to make everything happen so smoothly. Also to Servers and Sidesmen and women for work at Altar and welcome at Door, we say thank you.
     Christ wrought our salvation all by himself - to celebrate that wonderful gift, St Cyprian's has deployed an excellent and expert team. Thank you priests and people for all that has enhanced our journey to the Easter Victory.

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